‘Dallas’: Texas Justice Takes Its Toll

If you are guilty of a crime, and you confess to committing said crime, you will be convicted. Not even the wit and wisdom of J.R. will be able to save you. That’s the lesson of this week’s “Dallas“, “Trial and Error.” With the focus on Ann’s (Brenda Strong) trial for shooting Harris (Mitch Pileggi), […]

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‘Dallas’ Season 2 Premiere: The Bittersweet Wit and Wisdom of J.R., Passing the Torch From Father to Son

The death of Larry Hagman hangs over this season of “Dallas“, to paraphrase a quip from the premiere, like mistletoe. Before the episode starts, the cast appears as themselves to acknowledge that this will be both a bittersweet viewing experience and exactly the way Hagman would want to be remembered. So let’s all drink a […]

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Patrick Duffy, Josh Henderson and Larry Hagman in the second season of "Dallas" (TNT)

‘Dallas’: How Will Bobby and John Ross Cope with J.R.’s Death?

John Ross (Josh Henderson) uses a sex tape to force someone to make a deal; Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) continues her run for Governor; Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) tries to get his marriage to Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) annulled; J.R. (Larry Hagman) conspires with his son to take over Ewing Energies; and Ann (Brenda Strong) gets shocking […]

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Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing on Dallas (Photo: Zade Rosenthal/TNT)

The Collected Wit and Wisdom of J.R. Ewing from the ‘Dallas’ Premiere

The new version of “Dallas” premiered Tuesday night on TNT. Though it has been more than thirty years since America wondered who shot J.R., Larry Hagman’s iconic villain again stole the show, with viewers taking to Twitter to cheer his every move. DVR Next Week’s Episode of “Dallas” @cameron_Gray astutely observed, “Imagining if Twitter was […]

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