Jessica Sanchez on "American Idol" (FOX)

‘Idol’ Recap: Is It Now a Two Horse Race?

Think you know what’s going on with “American Idol“? I don’t, either. One minute, I’m like, “That Jessica Sanchez, so pageanty and robotic and calculated, she gives me the creeps.” The next minute she kills, KILLS “And I Am Telling You”—and even did the service of acknowledging that the song had a life before Jennifer […]

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American Idol's Final Four (Michael Becker/FOX)

‘American Idol’ Has Its Final Four

Where’s Tommy Hilfiger when you need him? The “American Idol” wardrobe team got blasted by Jimmy Iovine tonight for dressing 16-year-old Jessica Sanchez in an extremely tight, extremely grown up white dress and sky-high heels. “Last night was a travesty,” Jimmy complained. “Stylists, you’re torpedoing this girl!” While I couldn’t agree more, I have to […]

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Phillip Phillips performs on American Idol (Michael Becker / FOX)

‘American Idol’ Elimination Drama – Who’s in Danger of Going Home?

It’s judgement day for “American Idol.”  As the Top 5 contestants face losing yet another member tonight, we’re analyzing the best and worst performances from Wednesday’s show to decipher who’s still in it to win it, and who’s in the most danger of departing. In order of safe to danger: 5. Joshua Ledet has had […]

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Joshua Ledet performs on American Idol (Michael Becker / FOX)

‘American Idol’ Recap: Does Joshua Lose His Front-runner Status?

For those who weren’t already annoyed by Phillip Phillips’s one-trick-pony performances on “American Idol” (namely teenage girls who love his smile and will forgive him almost anything), well tonight’s the night Phillip probably cut the cord. Sure, he sang some unmemorable jazzy riff on an oldie while barking in seeming pain from behind his guitar […]

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Elise Testone, Joshua Ledet and Hollie Cavanagh on American Idol (Michael Becker / FOX)

‘American Idol’ Drops Down to Final Five, Who Got Cut?

Finally, poor Elise Testone has been put out of her misery. After weeks of landing in the bottom three, “American Idol‘s” oldest contestant was sent home. The Band-Aid was ripped off. But not before one final humiliation—Elise getting coached by TMZ about how not to look like she is frowning at all times. (This after […]

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Jessica Sanchez  "American Idol" (Fox)

‘American Idol’ Recap: Seacrest Remembers Clark, Singers Go For Two

The “American Idol” judges seemed especially happy tonight. Maybe it was because their save (conspiracy?) of Jessica Sanchez seemed to accomplish making her more popular than ever. Maybe it was because the Venetian blinds in Jennifer Lopez’s silver-gray “Blade Runner”-inspired outfit were open in just the right places. Whatever it was, I spotted lots of […]

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