"Almost Human" (Photo: FOX)

5 Things to Know About ‘Almost Human’

“Almost Human” is not your typical buddy cop show. For starters, the surly, skeptical cop/android with human emotions partner dynamic isn’t one that we’ve seen before — ever. The Fox drama, created by “Fringe” mastermind J.H. Wyman, brings to TV screens elements from “Blade Runner,” “Total Recall,” and plenty of other sci-fi films you’ve seen […]

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Fox’s Android Police Procedural ‘Almost Human’ Won’t Be Too Futuristic

Policemen are partnered with androids in the near-future Los Angeles that’s depicted in “Almost Human,” FOX’s new drama from “Fringe” boss J.H. Wyman, but don’t look for a “Jetsons”-like futuristic landscape with flying cars and laser guns. “This is a future that is immediately accessible,” star Karl Urban (“Star Trek,” “The Lord of the Rings”) […]

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‘Fringe’ Exec Producers Promise To Drop “Bombshell” Soon

That’s right.  A bombshell.  We assume they are referring to a plot twist detonating sort of explosion, sending shards of revelation in all directions…..although who’s to say more of the literal kind won’t also get tossed around, too?  It’s ‘Fringe.’  It happens.  (Those exploding human bombs were particularly cool.) Via conference call Wednesday, Fringe executive […]

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