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‘Fear Factor’: Grossest Moments From The Reality Hit’s Return

“Fear Factor” is back, and it looks like it never left. You’ve got teams with foolish levels of self-confidence that think they can accomplish anything, a paunchier but game Joe Rogan simultaneously encouraging and poking fun at them, spectacular action stunts, and one gross-out stunt per episode.

Who Gives A Twit?

Britney Spears tweeted a summer vacation suggestion to her fans: “I love The Atlantis in the Bahamas!” Congrats, Britney. You’ve done the very first Twitfomercial. Gov. Schwarzenegger isn’t about to… More

Who Gives A Twit?

If you tweet it, they will come. Yesterday I joked that weather swami Al Roker had tweeted into the double digits before cross town weather guru Sam Champion tweeted his… More