‘Castle’: Can Beckett and Castle Weather the Storm of a Secret Relationship?

Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) spent four years getting together. Now that they are a couple, what does “Castle” the show look like? Based on their first post-hook-up standard issue whodunnit, the tension that makes them interesting is still there, thanks to the writers decision to maintain some tension  in the relationship by […]

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Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic in "Castle" (ABC)

‘Castle’ Scoop: Will Castle and Beckett Live Happily Ever After?

After four years of smoldering sexual tension, Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) finally slept together in the season 4 finale. Now fans are wondering what the aftermath of the “Castle” hook up will be. So many other sexual tension driven series lost their hook once the couple got together, while others wimped out […]

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Castle (ABC)

‘Castle’ Finale: A Sweet, Sexy Payoff For Castle and Beckett Fans

This was it. The “Castle” episode four years in the making. There are few television writing tasks more difficult than the moment when years of sexual tension blossom into actual romance. “Always”, the season four finale, gave viewers what they longed for while keeping the characters true to themselves and without destroying any of the […]

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‘Castle’ Finale Preview: Castle Drops the L Word — Again

Last season, “Castle” ended with Castle telling a bleeding, barely conscious Beckett that he loved her. This year, he’s trying it again, when she’s fully upright and fully awake. In tonight’s fourth season finale (“Always”), Beckett and Castle investigate the murder of an army veteran, only to discover that the trail of clues leads back […]

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‘Castle’: Will Castle and Beckett’s Relationship Survive a Zombie Apocolypse?

If vampires are the sexy supernatural creatures, then zombies, who don’t speak, move slowly, and stink of rotting flesh, might be an apt metaphor for Castle and Beckett’s decaying relationship. The season’s penultimate episode of “Castle” starts with their partnership in critical condition. Castle (Nathan Fillion) has decided that he is ready to end his […]

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‘Castle’: Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin Team Up for a ‘Firefly’ Reunion

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Castle/101449/2223515777/I-was-hoping-I-could-ride-along-with-you./embed 580 476] This week’s episode of “Castle” (“Headhunters”), was a treat for all the Brown Coats, the extraordinarily devoted fans of Nathan Fillion’s previous show, “Firefly.” His former co-star Adam Baldwin guest starred as Detective Slaughter, a cop from the gang unit that becomes Castle’s reluctant temporary partner. Slaughter is a 1970s style […]

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Stana Katic on Castle (ABC)

‘Castle’ Stars Reveal Their Favorite Scenes

It’s been “Castle’s” most innovative season yet. From the 1940s flashback episode “The Blue Butterfly,” to the more serious episodes like “Killshot” that focused on Beckett’s PTSD following her shooting, the ABC drama is now about a lot more than just the wacky cases of the week and sexual tension. Below, the cast looks back […]

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Kurt Sutter (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

What They’re Watching: Stars and Showrunners Reveal Their Favorite Guilty Pleasure TV

The stars and creators of your favorite television shows have a dirty little secret. After a hard day of work, they like to unwind with television shows they might not admit to watching if they were profiled on “60 Minutes.” But we asked, and they told. Below, six brave celebrities come clean about their guilty […]

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