‘Revenge’ Recap: Keep Your Enemies Closer

Everyone gets down right chummy with their enemies and rivals on this week’s episode of “Revenge,” aptly titled “Forgiveness.” They are shacking up together and even proposing marriage. It’s enough human kindness to make a stripper wake up from her coma none the worse for wear. DVR the Next Episode of “Revenge” After waking up […]

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Revenge (ABC)

‘Revenge’ Finale: Who Died? Who Was Resurrected? Crazy Cliffhangers Abound!

How does “Revenge” cap a season that has featured a Sensei, an insane bisexual hustler, a stripper pretending to be a terrorist’s daughter, a computer genius who could teach Mark Zuckerberg how to dress, the world’s oldest dog, primetime’s most gloriously dysfunctional rich family since the Ewings, and a woman with a wig to match […]

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‘Revenge’: Emily Uncovers Nolan’s Family Secret

“It is the confession, not the priest, that gives us absolution.” – Oscar Wilde This week’s episode of “Revenge” (“Absolution”), offers a doozy of an explanation for why Nolan is so willing to help Emanda take down the Graysons. Also, we get the show’s first product placement moment. Unfortunately, it’s not a for a whale […]

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Emily VanCamp in Revenge (ABC)

‘Revenge’ Will Feature ‘Origins Story,’ Prison Beatdown

“Revenge” will travel back in time ten years earlier this season for an episode the series creator Mike Kelley describes as an “origin story” that will feature the New Year’s Eve party at Lydia’s house where Emily worked as a caterer. Nearly every character, including most of the victims of Emily’s red sharpie of vengeance, […]

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‘Revenge’: An Amanda By Any Other Name Would Still Smell Like A Boat

Thursday, as we gorge ourselves on turkey in celebration of the pilgrims, let us give thanks for the most quotable episode of “Revenge” yet, “Suspicion.” Amuse and impress your relatives by passing off Nolan (Gabriel Mann) and Tyler’s (Ashton Holmes)  bon mots as your own. Lydia (Amber Valetta) remembers Victoria (Madeline Stowe) telling her she […]

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