‘The Vampire Diaries’ Producer: A Lot of People Might Not Make It to Season Four

*Note: this article contains spoilers for the April 26 episode of “Vampire Diaries”* No television character has been more persecuted this season than “Vampire Diaries” Alaric (Matt Davis). First the vampire slayer developed a serial killer alter ego and unwittingly killed several people. Then, when he tried to heal himself, a 1000-year old witch turned […]

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Nina Dobrev as Elena and Paul Wesley as Stefan in The Vampire Diaries (Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW)

‘Vampire Diaries’ Boss Previews Mystic Falls’ Most Horrifying School Dance Yet

It’s amazing that school dances are still legal in Mystic Falls. Every time the characters on”Vampire Diaries” get dressed up and head to the gym, all hell breaks lose. Tonight’s episode, “Do Not Go Gentle,” just might top all of its predecessors in terms of the longterm impact of what transpires. As established last week, […]

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Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman on The Vampire Diaires (Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW)

‘Vampire Diaries’ Producer on Alaric’s Shocking Twist

No! Not Alaric (Matt Davis). Viewers learned in Thursday’s episode, “1912”, that Mystic Falls’ heroic vampire hunter/history teacher is also the serial killer who has been killing council members, including Caroline’s father. But it’s not his fault. The ring that protects him from supernatural deaths has the nasty side effect of turning him into a […]

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Nina Dobrev -- Elena on "The Vampire Diaries" -- at PaleyFest 2012 Saturday in Los Angeles (Photo: Getty Images)

‘Vampire Diaries’ Producer: Elena Has A Choice to Make — Stefan or Damon

“The Vampire Diaries” has an extraordinarily passionate fanbase. Those who were lucky enough to attend the show’s PaleyFest panel were rewarded for all of their tweeting and People’s Choice Award voting with a sneak peek at the upcoming, March 15 episode of the show, “1912” in its entirety. Executive Producer Julie Plec begged attendees not […]

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‘Vampire Diaries’: Julie Plec On What’s Next for TV’s Most Original Characters

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Vampire-Diaries/104525/2194383637/Dangerous-Liaisons%3A-Producer-s-Commentary/embed 580 476] *Warning: this article contains spoilers for the “Vampire Diaries” episode “Dangerous Liaisons.”* The Originals’ black tie gala was the scariest dance since “Carrie.”  Esther (Alice Evans) has come back to life to kill all of her children because she believes they are abominations! Elena agreed to help her, donating her blood […]

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‘Vampire Diaries’ Producer Julie Plec on the Bromance That Changes Everything

Thursday night’s episode of “Vampire Diaries,” “The End of the Affair” was one the show’s best episodes yet. Finally, there is an explanation for Klaus’s (Joseph Morgan) fixation on Stefan (Paul Wesley): They were best friends during the 1920s until Klaus compelled him to forget he ever met him. Klaus just wants his bro back! […]

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