Constance Zimmer on "Grey's Anatomy" (ABC)

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Constance Zimmer Dishes on the Battle for the New Face of Seattle Grace

Seattle Grace is America’s least efficient hospital. At least that’s the way Alana, the expert who was hired to save it from financial ruin sees it. Last week on “Grey’s Anatomy,” after implementing new procedures that the doctors hated, she announced that the hospital would be sold. This week, she generates more angst with her […]

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More ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Trauma as Horrific Crash Scene Is Revisted

This week’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” was supposed to explain how the doctors were rescued from the plane crash. Instead, it showed what happened between the time they were brought to a hospital near the crash site to the beginning of last week’s episode. There were a lot of amazing, poignant scenes, but I kept […]

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Ellen Pompeo in Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season Premiere Recap: Pulling the Plug on McSteamy

Shonda Rhimes is an evil genius. I was close to giving up on “Grey’s Anatomy”  until last season ended with a harrowing plane crash that claimed Lexie’s life and left everyone else in danger. Just when I thought I was out, she pulled me back in. After watching the shocking tearjerker of a season premiere, […]

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Who is Heading for a Wedding on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

Nothing makes “Grey’s Anatomy” fans crazier than weddings. Whether it was Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) post-it wedding, Christina (Sandra Oh) and Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) rushed, ill-advised nuptials, or Alex (Justin Chambers) and Izzie’s (Katherine Heigl) impulsive ceremony, whenever two characters walk down the aisle, the audience always seems divided about whether the […]

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