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Bart Simpson Takes on Karl Rove

After a widely-publicized argument prompted by Fox News’ Karl Rove hit the airwaves during election night, FOX’s own series “The Simpsons” is now tweaking the Republican strategist for his on-air […]

Fox Has No Problems with Rove a Day Later

The on-air spectacle of Fox News analyst Karl Rove publicly questioning his network’s call of the election for Barack Obama happened because Rove and Fox’s decision desk both had pieces to a puzzle that the other wasn’t aware of, a network executive said Wednesday.

Quiet Media Night Explodes Suddenly, Rove Protests

Careful media coverage of a close presidential election Tuesday exploded so suddenly Tuesday that it left the bizarre spectacle of Fox News Channel analyst Karl Rove, a major fundraiser for Republican Mitt Romney, publicly questioning his network’s declaration that President Barack Obama had been re-elected.