History’s ‘Vikings’ Renewed for Season 2

The History Channel’s first gamble on a scripted series was a worthy adventure. “Vikings” has been renewed for a second season of 10 episodes, the network announced Friday. Production on Season 2 is slated to begin this summer and will air in 2014. [xfinity-record-button id=”5369987084856006112″ program_type=”series”] The series is based on the legend of Viking […]

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"Vikings" star Gabriel Byrne (Photo: Jonathan Hession/History)

TV’s New Drama ‘Vikings’ Sheds Light on Dark Age

By SHAWN POGATCHNIK ASHFORD, Ireland (AP) — If historical fiction guru Michael Hirst has his way, a legendary Viking raider named Ragnar soon will conquer North America on behalf of the History channel. History’s ambitious Dark Ages drama “Vikings,” debuting Sunday after five months of filming in Ireland, dramatizes the myth-cloaked story of Ragnar Lothbrok, […]

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"Vikings":  Ragnar Lothbrok,  played by Travis Fimmel (Photo by Kevin Lynch / HISTORY)

Travis Fimmel: History’s ‘Vikings’ is ‘Definitely Different’ from ‘Game of Thrones’

Vikings are known for their fierce warriors who each summer would sail off to raid neighboring lands, where they looted, burnt villages and murdered the residents of coastal towns. The one things the Vikings didn’t do was keep historical records, so their story has mainly been told from the point of view of their victims. […]

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Emily Deschanel Confesses: There May Be ‘Bones’ Heartbreak

Thursday’s new episode of ‘Bones‘ puts Brennan in a confusing and emotionally vulnerable position, and fans hoping it will lead to romance with Booth (David Boreanaz) might be disappointed, star Emily Deschanel said. When a doctor whose life revolves around her work is found dead, Brennan sees herself in the victim. “She starts relating to […]

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‘Bones’ Newcomer: ‘Hannah Truly Does Love Booth’

Say what you will about third-party interlopers introduced to form a romantic triangle – or as is usually the case, to keep a “Will They/Won’t They” couple from sealing the deal – ‘Bones‘ newcomer Katheryn Winnick wants viewers to know one thing: She’s got your boy’s best interests (meaning his heart) at heart. “I hope […]

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‘Bones’ Buzz: Is Booth Bedding An Embedded War Correspondent?

And now… things get awkward. When Fox’s ‘Bones‘ returns for its sixth season on Thursday, September 23, seven months have passed for the Jeffersonian team, most of whom have   scattered to here and there. While Cam remains in D.C., Angela and Hodgins are kicking back in Paris, Brennan is away on her “historical” dig, and […]

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