Kerry Washington, left, and Darby Stanchfield on "Scandal" (Photo: ABC)

‘Scandal’: The Plane Truth

This week’s “Scandal” finally introduced Olivia’s mother played by Khandi Alexander, who no one anticipated would be cast in the pivotal role. She said about three words, in a flashback. The show is still pretending that she is dead, instead of in hiding from B613 or running a small island nation. Also, Kerry Washington officially looks […]

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Scott Foley and Kerry Washington on "Scandal" (Photo: ABC)

‘Scandal’: Olivia Kisses Jake & Learns the Truth About Operation Remington

“Scandal” aired its Anthony Weiner inspired episode, awesomely titled “Say Hello to My Little Friend,” just twenty four hours after “Law & Order: SVU” aired its take on the photo-sexting congressman. Perhaps Weiner could have avoided this humiliation had he hired real life Olivia Pope, and “Scandal” producer, Judy Smith long before his political career […]

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Joshua Malina on "Scandal" (ABC)

David Rosen Goes ‘Homeland’ on ‘Scandal’ in an Attempt to Expose Olivia

David Rosen (Joshua Malina) went “Homeland” on last week’s episode of “Scandal” after being forced out of his job as a result of losing the Quinn Perkins (Katie Lowe) case to Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) — a case that was dismissed by the judge but should have gone to trial. DVR the Next Episode of […]

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