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5 Things to Know About ‘Comic Book Men’

Right after the mid-season premiere of “The Walking Dead,” AMC is making a foray into reality programming with “Comic Book Men,” which premieres Sunday at 10 pm Eastern. It’s basically a look at the goings on the New Jersey comic book store owned by filmmaker and podcast magnate Kevin Smith.

Who Gives A Twit?

Britney Spears tweeted a summer vacation suggestion to her fans: “I love The Atlantis in the Bahamas!” Congrats, Britney. You’ve done the very first Twitfomercial. Gov. Schwarzenegger isn’t about to… More

Who Gives A Twit?

It’s Friday – and a Holiday weekend – which can mean only one thing: celebrities are tweeting out of their twits to the masses today! For some celebrities, any holiday… More