Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian in August 2011 (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Kris Humphries Wants Kardashian Divorce Trial Televised

If there was ever any doubt that Kris Humphries was completely blindsided when Kim Kardashian asked him for a divorce, 72 days after they got married, this story from TMZ pretty much puts those doubts to bed. Humphries and his lawyers want to have the divorce trial televised. And, boy, would that be a hoot […]

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Kris Humphries Avoids Kim Questions on ‘GMA’

On Friday’s set of “Good Morning America,” Kris Humphries “broke” his silence by speaking on…(drum roll)…his love of basketball! Just what we were dying to hear! Considering his prenup forbids him to speak of his marital dissolution with ex-love Kim Kardashian, the NBA free agent, who was accompanied by his mom Debra, avoided all questions […]

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Kris Humphries Wants Prenup Tossed

Hell hath no fury like a Humphinator scorned! It looks like Kris Humphries is devising a smart legal strategy: According to The New York Post, the 26-year-old NBA baller is seeking an annulment—not only because he doesn’t believe in divorce—but also to illegitimize the prenup. But it’s not moolah he wants, says a source; Kris […]

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