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The Thursday Buzz: Shatner Smokes Colbert at Arm Wrestling and More

William Shatner has been doing a lot of interviews to promote his one-man Broadway show “Shatner’s World” — then again, he seems to be constantly doing interviews about something or other — but for one reason or another, he’s never gone on “The Colbert Report.” That changed last night.

Watch: Khloe & Lamar’s Sex Swing Mishap

In Sunday’s Season 2 premiere of “Khloe & Lamar,” Khloe enlisted the help of her friend Malika to help install a sex swing at Casa de Kardashian-Odom. Unfortunately, as the video (above) reveals, Khlo got a different kind of action than she expected when the whole thing came loose from the ceiling and collapsed on top of her and Lamar.