‘American Crime’ Brings An LGBT Twist To New Season

[Spoiler Alert: Do not read ahead unless you’ve watched this week’s episode of “American Crime.”] From this site’s post prior to the second season premiere of ABC’s compelling drama, “American Crime,” it seemed that an alleged teen male rape would be a big enough surprise but last night’s episode brought another. High school basketball player Eric […]

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Review: ‘American Crime’ Raises the TV Drama Bar in Covering Teen Male Rape

If we’re in the new Golden Age of Television, one of the reasons is solid, thought-provoking, intelligent programming like the second season of ABC’s drama “American Crime.” With some returning actors from the first season playing new characters involved in a new crime, this season takes the action to Indianapolis, Indiana, where an upscale community is […]

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Karl Urban, left, and Michael Ealy on "Almost Human" (Photo: FOX)

More Than Sci-Fi: Relationships Explored on ‘Almost Human’

Fox’s new drama “Almost Human” is set in 2048, where crime is so rampant the embattled Los Angeles police department has paired each police officer with a combat-ready android. [xfinity-record-button id=”6386819268288989112″ program_type=”series”] Sure, the future is bleak, but that doesn’t mean there still can’t be some romance. Will Detective John Kennex (Karl Urban) and Detective […]

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"Almost Human" (Photo: FOX)

5 Things to Know About ‘Almost Human’

“Almost Human” is not your typical buddy cop show. For starters, the surly, skeptical cop/android with human emotions partner dynamic isn’t one that we’ve seen before — ever. The Fox drama, created by “Fringe” mastermind J.H. Wyman, brings to TV screens elements from “Blade Runner,” “Total Recall,” and plenty of other sci-fi films you’ve seen […]

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Fox’s Android Police Procedural ‘Almost Human’ Won’t Be Too Futuristic

Policemen are partnered with androids in the near-future Los Angeles that’s depicted in “Almost Human,” FOX’s new drama from “Fringe” boss J.H. Wyman, but don’t look for a “Jetsons”-like futuristic landscape with flying cars and laser guns. “This is a future that is immediately accessible,” star Karl Urban (“Star Trek,” “The Lord of the Rings”) […]

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