Annette Bening & Julianne Moore in 'The Kids Are All Right.' (Focus)

Three Great (and Different) LGBT Movies to Watch NOW

  The good news is there are a lot of LGBT movies out there these days. Big studio releases, indie films and, more than likely, a few titles that might not sound familiar. However, your best LGBT titles are right here with XFINITY On Demand, and we’ve rounded up a few titles that are must-sees (or must-see-agains). […]

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Lily Tomlin in one of the bright spots of 2015, 'Grandma.' (Sony)

GLAAD Releases 2016 Studio Responsibility Report

  Going to the movies, or choosing something to watch in the pleasure of your home with On Demand, is often just a chance to escape and experience whatever world a movie can offer you. But, those movies we pluck down dollars to watch are reflections of our world whether we like it or not. […]

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Tribeca: Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda Talk ‘Grace and Frankie,’ and Who Is a Good Kisser

There aren’t too many sitcoms on the air featuring people in their 70s that are a hit, but, then again, most sitcoms don’t have the combined force of longtime friends Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. Neflix’s “Grace & Frankie” features the acclaimed actresses as two women who are left by their husbands at the same time […]

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Redmayne. Tomlin. Tambor. Film and TV Bring The LGBT in Golden Globes 2016

One thing you can trust every year is that just as the holidays are wrapping up, awards season kicks into high gear. That’s no different here in 2016 as the “Golden Globes” are presented this Sunday in Los Angeles with host Ricky Gervais. Unlike the Oscars, the Golden Globes is one big party and the chance […]

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