Kree Harrison (Fox)

‘Idol’ Recap: Does a New Favorite Emerge?

The Top 3 returned to their hometowns on “American Idol,” and everyone was crying and feeling things. The contestants, Nicki Minaj, and me, we were all waterworks tonight. All that emotion brought out some of the best performances yet for two contestants. But there was only one clear winner: Candice Glover. [xfinity-record-button id=”5578216900845706112″ program_type=”series”] Perhaps […]

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"American Idol" Final Three: Angie Miller, Candice Glover and Kree Harrison. (CR: Michael Becker/FOX)

‘Idol’ Top 3 Rankings: Our Winner Predictions

Only three girls remain in the game on “American Idol,” but which one will sally forth into a future of unguaranteed musical success? (See: Taylor Hicks, for one.) [xfinity-record-button id=”5578216900845706112″ program_type=”series”] Actually, on a season of such strong talent, success may be less elusive for all the top girls than in years past. Then again, […]

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"American Idol": Amber Holcomb, Kree Harrison, and Ryan Seacrest (Frank Micelotta/FOX)

Emotional ‘Idol’ Elimination Leaves Three Contenders

Though we avoided an elimination last week, tonight, it had to happen. We said goodbye to the one “American Idol” contestant who has been dancing with last place for what feels like months now: Amber Holcomb. Repeatedly scorned for wearing dark lipstick and having an amazing voice but just being an unlikable human, Amber constantly […]

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‘Idol’ Feud Continues: Nicki Minaj Calls Mariah Carey ‘Bitter,’ ‘Insecure’

Last night’s “American Idol” offered viewers a taste of the bitterness between judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. But apparently, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Minaj followed up her exchanged with Carey last night with a series of blistering tweets aimed toward Carey today, effectively calling the singer a grumpy old woman. […]

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 Amber Holcomb (Fox)

‘Idol’ Recap: Final Four Make One Last Pitch

Second time is not a charm on “American Idol.” For tonight’s Top 4 redux, the very fibers that hold the show together seemed to be fraying. Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey bickered, the guest mentor usurped the judges’ power, and finally, someone actually called out the ridiculous over-the-top interpretations of lyrics these girls don’t understand. […]

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Report: Jennifer Lopez Returning to ‘Idol’

Last week we saw stories that “American Idol” producers were courting Jennifer Lopez to return to the show and replace Mariah Carey. Now it appears that Lopez is indeed going to return. So what, exactly, does that mean for Mariah? Mariah is seemingly safe for now. E! News reports that former ‘Idol’ judge Lopez will […]

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Angie Miller performs on "American Idol" (Fox)

Newest ‘Idol’ Twist Changes Elimination Plans

There were no results on “American Idol’s” results show, rendering an entire hour of our lives essentially wasted, in a “surprise” move that could have been predicted with nothing but a calendar and simple math. Since the judges cruelly withheld the save last week from Janelle Arthur, even when it was their last chance to […]

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Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez (Photo: Fox)

‘American Idol’ Wanted to Dump Mariah Carey?

A juicy new report claims that “American Idol” concocted a “secret plot” to fire Mariah Carey and replace her with former “Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez after Carey, an expensive addition who was supposed to be the big draw this season, failed to boost ratings. [xfinity-record-button id=”5578216900845706112″ program_type=”series”] Prompted by a ratings panic as numbers for […]

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