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Top 10 Novel-to-Screen Adaptations

The adaptation of books into movies can be a controversial process, especially if the source material is popular, and fans have their own
cherished notions of casting. This month, Streampix spotlights 10 of the best examples of books turned into film.

Top 10 Cult Comedies: Laughter in a Dark Place

What’s a cult comedy? A movie that makes you laugh, but also transports you to another world at once familiar, but somehow a little off, one that produces a late-night giddiness by portraying a universe with its own distinct set of rules, leading to a heightened awareness.

Martin Scorsese Making HBO Film About Bill Clinton

Director Martin Scorsese is making a documentary about former president Bill Clinton for HBO. The cable network announced Monday that Clinton will be offering his full cooperation on the project, which Scorsese will be producing and directing.