Matt Czuchry and Julianna Margulies on "The Good Wife" (Photo: CBS)

‘The Good Wife’: Bad Will Hunting

Happy 100th episode, “The Good Wife.” This week’s installment, “The Decision Tree,” featured a huge party, Will and Alicia flashbacks, Kalinda sex, a car chase and John Noble. What more could a fan want? How about Jackie calling a Dreidel “a Hannukah” and fart sound effects? It could have used more Diane, but “The Next […]

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‘The Good Wife’: Lemond Bishop Is Back

Just when it seems like “The Good Wife” has exhausted the talent pool of New York based actors, the show comes up with one of its most ingenious guest roles yet: evil Wallace Shawn. Not only that, but this week’s episode, “Runnin’ With the Devil” features Will (Josh Charles) doing something you would never, ever […]

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‘The Good Wife’ Recap: Lemond Bishop is Back

One of “The Good Wife’s” most memorable characters, Lemond Bishop, (Mike Colter), drug dealer/World’s Greatest Dad, is back. In this week’s episode, the diversified cocaine salesman is getting his son ready for school when all of his bat phones start ringing because his accountant has been arrested. DVR the Next Episode of “The Good Wife” […]

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