Castle (Nathan Fillion) and baby "Cosmo" on Monday night's episode of ABC's "Castle" (Photo: ABC)

‘Castle’ Recap: Bringing Up Baby

This week’s episode of “Castle” proved it is possible to develop Castle and Beckett’s relationship in a lighthearted, case-of-the-week episode while simultaneously creating subplots that showcase the supporting cast. Read our recap and watch the episode …

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Nathan Fillion and Molly Quinn on "Castle" (Photo: ABC)

‘Castle’: Road Trip Reconciliation

Last week, Alexis (Molly Quinn) was furious when Castle (Nathan Fillion) insulted her boyfriend, Pi — so furious that she did not accept his apology even when he offered to buy her ice cream. So in this week’s episode of “Castle,” he finally figured out how to make things right with his daughter. He freed a wrongly […]

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From Left: Myko Oliver, Molly Quinn and Nathan Fillion on "Castle" (Photo: ABC)

‘Castle’: Da Vinci’s Scavenger Hunt

This week’s episode of “Castle“, “Get a Clue,” inexplicably was not a Halloween episode. “Castle” is a show made for Halloween. Castle (Nathan Fillion) dressing as Mal from “Firefly” on a previous Halloween episode was one of the show’s greatest moments. Why deprive fans of the pleasure of seeing the engaged Beckett (Stana Katic) and Castle […]

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Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic of "Castle" (Photo: ABC)

Fall TV Preview: 5 Things to Know About Season 6 of ‘Castle’

Last season of “Castle” ended with Castle (Nathan Fillion) asking Beckett (Stana Katic) to marry him, a scene fans had been gleefully anticipating for years. There was only one problem: Beckett had just accepted her dream job as an investigator for the Attorney General’s office, a position that would necessitate her moving from New York […]

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‘Castle’: Is Bigfoot Roaming Manhattan?

This week’s supremely silly episode of “Castle,” “The Fast and the Furriest,” was the perfect hour of escapist entertainment after Monday’s tragedy in Boston. Castle becomes convinced that the victim of the week was killed by Bigfoot. Spoiler alert: Bigfoot is not real. However, unlike most of Castle’s off-the-wall theories, a lot of other people, […]

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‘Castle’ Celebrates 100 Episodes with a Hitchcockian Twist Ending

Showrunner Andrew Marlowe  promised that the one hundreth episode of “Castle” would be like a glass of champagne for longtime fans. “The Lives of Others” lived up to its billing, with a “Rear Window” inspired plot that culminated in a twist that was both surprising and absolutely adorable. Here’s to 100 more mysteries, Castle. [xfinity-record-button […]

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