Matt Czuchry and Julianna Margulies on "The Good Wife" (Photo: CBS)

‘The Good Wife’: Bad Will Hunting

Happy 100th episode, “The Good Wife.” This week’s installment, “The Decision Tree,” featured a huge party, Will and Alicia flashbacks, Kalinda sex, a car chase and John Noble. What more could a fan want? How about Jackie calling a Dreidel “a Hannukah” and fart sound effects? It could have used more Diane, but “The Next […]

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‘The Good Wife’: You’ll Never Guess Who Owns a Piece of Lockhart-Gardner Now

After a fall season that featured a few missteps, like Kalinda’s relationship with her scuzzy ex-husband, “The Good Wife” returned to form with a vengeance on Sunday night, with the superlative episode “Boom De Yah Dah.” Featuring appearances by two of the show’s greatest antagonists, this hour was as enjoyable as having a glass of […]

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‘The Good Wife’ Recap: Peter Gets a New Rival

Every recurring character who has ever been on “The Good Wife” is waiting in the Lockhart-Gardner lobby. It’s madness. Sunday’s episode was directed by Josh Charles, which explains why Willis barely on-screen. DVR the Next Episode of “The Good Wife” Mandy (Miriam Shor) introduces herself to Maddie (Maura Tierney) and asks about Peter and the […]

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