'The X Factor' (Photo: Fox)

‘X-Factor’ Implosion: Now Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger & Steve Jones Are Out

Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones were all fired from “The X-Factor” on Monday, according to individuals close to the show. Fox and producer Simon Cowell were looking to make a clean sweep, according to those individuals, and are looking for new talent to replace the two judges and the host. Said one of […]

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The X Factor (FOX)

‘The X Factor’: Christmas Comes Early for $5 Million Winner in Tear-Jerking Finale

Let the conspiracy theories begin. The big question of the “X Factor” finale wasn’t which of the three remaining contestants—deep-throated Melanie Amaro, inspirational blue-eyed soul crooner Chris Rene or big-hearted soul man Josh Krajcik—would be voted by America as the winner of $5 million and a Pepsi Super Bowl spot. The real conundrum was how would the producers fill […]

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‘X Factor’: Who Can’t Make It to the Final Three?

  You gotta hand it to “The X Factor.” It wasn’t their idea to treat a singing competition like an athletic contest—that’s “Idol”—but Simon Cowell did manage to turn it into the Super Bowl.   Even I had the telltale signs—rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, fidgety—that I had built up an identification with these four finalists, so much […]

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Watch: Abdul Walks Off Set of ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

After a controversial week on “The X Factor” that saw her allegedly tell Nicole Scherzinger how to vote, Paula Abdul seemed to have had enough of the controversy on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night. Kimmel said that Abdul’s contestants deserved to be the first voted off, causing Abdul to leave the couch and walk off […]

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‘X Factor’: Did Abdul Change Scherzinger’s Vote?

Who dun it? Last week’s elimination of Rachel Crow from ‘The X Factor’ seemed to thrust Nicole Scherzinger into the wrath of angry fans upset with her choice to let the decision go to audience vote instead of saving the young singer. Crow’s public breakdown on stage couldn’t have helped create sympathy for the Pussycat […]

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