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Sears Holdings Severs Ties with Paula Deen

Paula Deen just lost another business partner. Sears Holdings Corp. announced Friday that it is cutting ties with the Southern celebrity chef, adding to the list of companies severing their relationship following revelations that Deen used racial slurs in the past.

Target, Home Depot Cut Ties with Deen; Drugmaker Distances

Paula Deen’s merchandise and media empire is fast unraveling. Retailers Target Corp. and Home Depot Inc. and diabetes drug maker Novo Nordisk became the latest companies to sever ties or distance themselves from celebrity cook Paula Deen as fallout builds from revelations that the Southern celebrity chef used racial slurs in the past.

Is Paula Deen Toast in N-Word Controversy?

Will Paula Deen go the way of Michael Richards or Charlie Sheen? One unleashed a bigoted tirade and is no longer a lovable, easily employable clown. The other carved a brand out of crazy — reported hotel N-word rant and all — but is back on TV earning millions.