Tyler Perry

Is Tyler Perry the Most Powerful Black Man in Hollywood?

By Courtney Garcia, theGrio.com (Article originally published on theGrio.com.) Tyler Perry’s real estate in Hollywood has accrued such high value over the past decade, he now steers the ship of what some consider an unrivaled dynasty. The 43-year-old’s immense success has made him one of the most prominent figures in the entertainment industry, an actor, […]

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From ‘Menace II Society’ to ‘Poetic Justice’: Was 1993 the Golden Age of Black Movies?

By Adam Howard theGrio.com (Article originally published on theGrio.com.) Whether you love him or hate him, it seems as though Tyler Perry is the only game in town these days when to comes to movies targeted specifically at black audiences. His melodrama “Temptation” is set to hit theaters in just a couple weeks and will surely […]

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Quvenzhané, Denzel and ‘Django’: What Are Their Chances on Oscar night?

By Adam Howard, theGrio.com (Article originally published on theGrio.com.) While movie industry insiders are anxiously awaiting the results of the contentious race for best picture (will the Ben Affleck snub help “Argo” overpower the “Lincoln“ juggernaut?), most African-Americans tuning to the Academy Awards this Sunday will be hoping to see some black history being made. For […]

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For ‘Django’ Producer, an Unexpected Oscar Ride

By Jake Coyle, AP, NEW YORK — Reginald Hudlin, director of films like “Boomerang” and “House Party,” never expected to be going to the Oscars as a best-picture-nominated producer of a slavery-era spaghetti Western by Quentin Tarantino. “I didn’t think it was happening when it was happening,” Hudlin says, laughing. The wide-ranging career of the 51-year-old filmmaker […]

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‘Scandal’s’ Kerry Washington Relishes the Contradictions in Olivia Pope

Kerry Washington is not Olivia Pope. Both women are smart, driven, and passionate about their work. But Olivia Pope, the character Washington plays on “Scandal“, would never wear suede high heels decorated with gold zippers. They are far too flashy for conservative Washington D.C., especially for crisis manager Olivia, whose tasteful wardrobe is designed to […]

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Tarantino Wants ‘True Blood’ Producer’s Noisy Birds to Shut Up

In a battle pitting one Oscar-winning screenwriter against another, Quentin Tarantino has sued “True Blood” executive producer Alan Ball over Ball’s noisy birds. The suit was filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court by the same combative (and apparently very busy) Hollywood attorney – Martin Singer – who’s representing Charlie Sheen in his lawsuit filed […]

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