Alexander Koch as "Junior" on "Under the Dome" (Photo: CBS)

Is ‘Under the Dome’s’ Junior Psycho or Does He Really Know Something?

The bodies keep mounting “Under the Dome.” First, there was the death of Julia’s (Rachelle Lefevre) husband, Dr. Peter Shuman (R. Keith Harris), at the hands of Barbie (Mike Vogel). That was due to a gambling debt dispute, so not really related to the dome, but it’s the reason that Barbie is trapped under it. […]

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‘Under the Dome’ Helps Break Summer Rerun Spell

LOS ANGELES (AP) — There’s no summer break anymore for broadcast networks, with overachieving cable competitors regularly airing new series instead of succumbing to rerun laziness. That’s why NBC has “America’s Got Talent,” Fox is airing “So You Think You Can Dance” and ABC scheduled the flirty “Mistresses.” Over at CBS, star students have teamed […]

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Michael Chiklis Finds A New ‘Family’

Michael Chiklis is first in the life raft. The star of “No Ordinary Family” has signed on for a new pilot produced by Conan O’Brien, as it looks more and more like his ABC dramedy is headed for the graveyard. “Only a miracle ‘Hail Mary’ that would make Doug Flutie stop and say ‘wow!’ can […]

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