‘The Walking Dead’ Producer Confirms: Daryl Dixon Is Straight, Gay Character Coming

Daryl Dixon is straight. While there’s been a lot of talk the past few months about the possibility that Daryl (Norman Reedus) could be be gay, executive producer Robert Kirkman confirmed last night on “The Walking Dead” follow up show, “Talking Dead” that Daryl is straight. As reported by TVFanatic.com, Kirkman said, “In the letter column […]

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"The Walking Dead" (AMC)

‘Walking Dead’ Cast Looks Ahead at the Remainder of Season 3

“The Walking Dead“-heads are gearing up for the back eight episodes of Season 3 now that the top-rated, zombie drama is returning to AMC on Sunday, Feb. 10. So XfinityTV.com attended an industry event where the producers and the cast gathered at the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences for a talkfest about Season 3 […]

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‘Thief of Thieves’ Comic to Become TV Series

LOS ANGELES (TheWrap.com) – AMC may soon have a double dose of Robert Kirkman: the “Walking Dead” comics creator and TV series executive producer is developing his latest comic book, “Thief of Thieves,” as a new drama for the network. “Thief” revolves around Conrad Paulson, who wants to get out of the stealing biz so […]

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‘The Walking Dead’: 7 Burning Questions After the Pulse-Pounding Season Finale

After what could generously be described as a bumpy second season, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” set itself up for an intriguing third season during last night’s finale. In what was a heart-pounding first half, the surviving members of the ragtag gang of zombie apocalypse survivors were forced off the farm of Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) […]

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David Morrissey Elected as ‘Walking Dead’s’ Governor

British actor David Morrissey has been cast as The Governor in the hit zombie series “The Walking Dead,” AMC said Friday. The Governor, from Robert Kirkman’s “Walking Dead” comic book, is the leader of Woodbury, a survivor settlement. Eventually, The Governor becomes te chief antagonist of former sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes (portrayed by Andrew Lincoln) […]

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