"The Mentalist" (Photo: CBS)

‘The Mentalist’ Boss & Simon Baker Confirm: Red John Is Dead, Now What’s Next

Ding dong, Red John (Xander Berkeley) is dead! On Sunday night’s episode of “The Mentalist,” Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) proved to be a man of his word and, on discovering the identity of the serial killer who murdered his wife and daughter, he killed him with his bare hands, strangling him to death. [xfinity-record-button id=”8637507577665119112″ […]

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Simon Baker of "The Mentalist" (Photo: CBS)

Fall TV Preview: Burning Questions Answered for Season 6 of ‘The Mentalist’

When “The Mentalist” returns on Sunday night, we pick up with Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) attempting to figure out what the next step is now that he has a list of seven Red John suspects — Bret Stiles, Gale Bertram, Ray Haffner, Reede Smith, Robert Kirkland, Sheriff Thomas McCallister and Brett Partridge — one of […]

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‘Mentalist’ Cast Members Get Big Salary Increases

Cast members of “The Mentalist” just got a raise, reports Deadline.com. Series star Simon Baker already got his late last year, the story says, but now, supporting players Robin Tunney (“Teresa Lisbon”), Amanda Righetti (“Grace Van Pelt), Tim Kang (“Kimball Cho”) and Owain Yeoman (“Wayne Rigsby”) have also received salary increases. Previously, Baker negotiated a […]

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New ‘Mentalist’ Boss Weighs In on Jane, Lisbon and CBI Romance

CBS’ ‘The Mentalist‘ not only is trying out a new time slot this Thursday (9/8c, with ‘CSI’ following), but there’s a new sheriff in town as well. And her name is Special Agent Madeleine Hightower. “I have big shoes to fill,” Aunjanue Ellis (‘True Blood’) says of joining the hit CBS procedural, where she’s picking […]

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The Mentalist: “Crimson Casanova”

The setting is a fancy hotel. It’s nighttime, where, for one unlucky guest, the turn-down service involves bullets in lieu of the chocolate mint on the pillow. And it’s lights out for Claire Wolcott, the unlucky guest in question. As Lisbon and her team arrive on the scene, we learn that Claire’s husband has friends […]

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