Top 5 LGBT Love Stories of 2016

Everybody say, “Love!” I’ve been a firm believer in the recently popular sentiment that “if the love doesn’t feel like ’90s R&B, I don’t want it.” I mean, nothing says “love” quite like SWV’s “Weak.” Am I right? Sadly, my love for “The Boy is Mine” hasn’t exactly helped me find a boy of my own, but […]

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‘Firefly’ Alum Lands On ‘Make It Or Break It’

Here’s some news that ‘Firefly‘ fans should (ahem) “flip” over: Sean Maher (aka Dr. Simon Tam) has landed a guest-starring role on ABC Family’s ‘Make It Or Break It.’ Watch Free, Full Episodes Of ‘Firefly’ Fancast has confirmed that Maher will appear in multiple episodes as Max, a cute new gymnast that the Rock Girls […]

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