The NCIS team takes on a renowned hacker who could hold the key to tracking down the most-wanted cyber-terrorist in the world, on "NCIS." pictured: Mark Harmon (Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS)

‘NCIS’ Executive Producer: It’s a Real ‘Nail Biter’ When the ‘Canary’ Sings

When “NCIS” returned with new episodes in January, it began with a shocking two-parter of the kind normally reserved for ratings periods. It featured the deaths of Ziva’s (Cote de Pablo) father Eli David (Michael Nouri), head of Mossad, and Jackie Vance (Paula Newsome), wife of “NCIS” Director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll). DVR the Next […]

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"NCIS": David McCallum (Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS)

‘NCIS’ Executive Producer Teases Fates of Two Major Characters

How do you follow-up an explosion that had the potential to wipe out the entire NCIS staff? Track down the bomber. And that is just what the focus of the Season 10 premiere of “NCIS” (Tuesday, Sept. 25) is about, as well as dealing with the emotional fallout from the bombing — and Ducky’s (David […]

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“Extreme Prejudice” -- Harper Dearing’s latest act of terrorism ripped through NCIS headquarters in last season’s cliffhanger finale, sparking a cross-agency manhunt for the criminal mastermind on the 10th season premiere of NCIS. Pictured: Pauley Perrette (Sonja Flemming/CBS)

‘NCIS’ Boss: Action-Packed Season Premiere a ‘Roller Coaster Ride’

Harper Deering (guest star Richard Schiff) definitely got his revenge in the season finale of “NCIS” last May. He blew up the building that housed the criminal investigative unit with several members of the team inside — his revenge for the death of his son for which he blamed the Navy. Add “NCIS” to Your […]

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