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‘Survivor: Samoa’ Runner-Up Interview: Russell Hantz

Love him or hate him, the game of “Survivor” will never be the same after Russell Hantz. I spoke with Russell the morning after his disappointing finale to find out why he thinks he’s the Michael Jordan of “Survivor,” how (and when) he knew he wasn’t going to win the million dollars, and which player still holds a major grudge…

‘Survivor: Samoa’ Sole Survivor Interview: Natalie White

Some call Natalie White’s “Survivor” strategy “Flying Under the Radar,” others call it “Riding Russell’s Coattails.” She doesn’t care what you call it, because it landed her a check for one million dollars. I had a chance to chat with “Survivor’s” newest millionaire to get her take on the popular belief that Russell was robbed, how she maintained her religious faith while being involved in such a cutthroat game, and how her hair stayed so nice in the Samoan wilderness…

‘Survivor’ Castaway Interview: Shannon ‘Shambo’ Waters

The most memorable “Survivor” players have either had a trademark look (Rupert Boneham’s tie-dye t-shirt, Richard Hatch’s nudity), a heated feud (Sue Hawk vs. Kelly Wiglesworth, Colby Donaldson vs. Jerri Manthey), or a clever nickname (“Boston” Rob Mariano, Jessica “Sugar” Kiper, Benjamin “Coach” Wade).