‘American Idol’ Flu: Has Hollywood Week Gone Way Too Far?

Exhaustion, frustration, lack of sleep — along with inevitable personality clashes — they’re always a part of Hollywood Week, the most stressful portion of “American Idol’s” audition rounds. But a rampant bout of the flu also traveled through the contestant pool in Season 11. The result: less singing and more fainting.

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Hollywood Week on American Idol (FOX)

Broken Dreams, Fainting and Cliffhangers: ‘American Idol’ Returns to Hollywood

  It’s the last audition of the night. Symone Black phenomenally sings “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay.” But suddenly her eyelids get droopy. She wobbles strangely, one, two , three times, until she pitches forward and falls right into the pit. Someone calls for a medic. Her dad rushes down from the balcony. […]

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