Barry Sloane and Emily VanCamp in "Revenge" (Colleen Hayes/ABC)

‘Revenge’ Recap: Emily’s Secret Past with Aiden Revealed

This week’s episode of “Revenge” confirmed a lesson I learned as a child from “The Shining.” Nothing good can come from a maze. Also there is attempted murder by trash compactor, a very dramatic press conference, the revelation of two romantic backstories, and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) gets attacked. Yes, again. DVR the Next Episode of […]

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A Look Inside Stephen King’s ‘Bag of Bones’

“Stephen King’s Bag of Bones” isn’t “Twilight.” Nor is it “Saw.” “There are no teenagers in this cast,” executive producer-director Mick Garris told on Thursday. “And it’s not about slaughtering people in creative ways.” Not that there’s anything wrong with those things. Still, Garris said, that’s probably why you’ll see this Gothic ghost tale […]

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Audrina Patridge Talks “Sorority Row”

Audrina Patridge may be leaving The Hills for her own new reality series, but she’s got career goals that take her away from that scene entirely. After taking a part in the horror flick Sorority Row, Patridge didn’t even blink when asked which job she liked better. “Movies, acting,” she says, definitively. “It’s more of […]

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