Penn Badgley in the series finale of "Gossip Girl" (The CW)

‘Gossip Girl’s’ Identity Finally Revealed

It turns out that “Gossip Girl” is actually Gossip Boy. In the long-running show’s series finale Monday night, the identity of the titular blogger who cruelly revealed every character’s secrets was finally revealed. It was none other than Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgeley). In retrospect it made sense. The guy has done nothing but write about […]

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The Drama Club: ‘Gossip Girl’s Dorota On Her Wedding And The Art of Being A Bit Player

A great bit player can be a television show’s secret weapon.  I’m not talking about quirky supporting characters who are in every episode.  I mean the peripheral characters who pop up occasionally and offer a counterpoint to all the main characters drama. There’s barkeep Joe on ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ (Steven W. Bailey), foot amputating secretary Lois […]

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