AP - ap.online.regional.europe http://www.comcast.net?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_ AP - ap.online.regional.europe News Tue, 31 May 2016 11:39:01 -0400 Heavy rain drenches swaths of France, disrupts French Open Tue, 31 May 2016 11:28:37 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/europe/2016/05/31/EU-France-Rain/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_europe_EU-France-Rain c9d8ec1afb93944a:-881caa4:1549a9d422c:4f75 PARIS (AP) — Heavy rain drenched parts of France on Tuesday, prompting flood warnings near the English Channel, causing more delays at the French Open and soaking tourists in Paris. The Latest: Paris to create center to take in migrants Tue, 31 May 2016 11:23:53 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/europe/2016/05/31/EU--Europe-Migrants-The.Latest/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_europe_EU--Europe-Migrants-The.Latest c9d8ec1afb93944a:-881caa4:1549a9d422c:4f90 GENEVA (AP) — The Latest on Europe's migration crisis (all times local): Turkey concerned over Germany's stance on Armenian killings Tue, 31 May 2016 10:34:33 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/europe/2016/05/31/EU--Turkey-Germany-Genocide/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_europe_EU--Turkey-Germany-Genocide c9d8ec1afb93944a:-881caa4:1549a9d422c:50a3 ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Officials say Turkey's president has expressed concerns over plans in Germany's parliament to recognize the World War I killings of Armenians as genocide. NATO chief says Warsaw summit comes at 'critical time' Tue, 31 May 2016 10:29:13 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/europe/2016/05/31/EU--Poland-NATO/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_europe_EU--Poland-NATO c9d8ec1afb93944a:-881caa4:1549a9d422c:503d WARSAW, Poland (AP) — A NATO summit set for Warsaw in July comes at a "critical time" as the alliance deals with Russian assertiveness and the threat of terrorism amid other challenges, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Tuesday. German NGO Cap Anamur founder Rupert Neudeck dies at 77 Tue, 31 May 2016 10:21:55 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/europe/2016/05/31/EU--Germany-Obit-Neudeck/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_europe_EU--Germany-Obit-Neudeck c9d8ec1afb93944a:-881caa4:1549a9d422c:5067 BERLIN (AP) — Rupert Neudeck, the co-founder of Germany-based humanitarian aid group Cap Anamur, which helped to rescue more than 10,000 Vietnamese "boat people," has died, the organization said. He was 77. Ex-Miss Turkey gets suspended sentence for insulting Erdogan Tue, 31 May 2016 10:05:00 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/europe/2016/05/31/EU--Turkey-Beauty.Queen/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_europe_EU--Turkey-Beauty.Queen c9d8ec1afb93944a:-881caa4:1549a9d422c:4f67 ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — A court on Tuesday convicted a former Miss Turkey of insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan through social media postings and gave her a 14-month suspended sentence, amid deepening concerns that the country is swaying toward an increasingly authoritarian form of rule. Denmark moves to ban clerics with anti-democratic views Tue, 31 May 2016 09:56:34 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/europe/2016/05/31/EU--Denmark-Foreign.Clerics/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_europe_EU--Denmark-Foreign.Clerics c9d8ec1afb93944a:-881caa4:1549a9d422c:5068 COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Denmark's government says it has secured support from lawmakers for its plan to ban foreign clerics with anti-democratic views from entering the Nordic country. Strikes test relevance of France's leading militant union Tue, 31 May 2016 09:55:32 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/europe/2016/05/31/EU--France-Strikes-Unions_.Future/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_europe_EU--France-Strikes-Unions_.Future c9d8ec1afb93944a:-881caa4:1549a9d422c:5069 NOTRE-DAME-DE-GRAVENCHON, France (AP) — Outside Gate A of the ExxonMobil oil refinery, the strike was fizzling. Public-sector workers strike in Belgium, transport disrupted Tue, 31 May 2016 09:25:17 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/europe/2016/05/31/EU--Belgium-Strike/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_europe_EU--Belgium-Strike c9d8ec1afb93944a:-881caa4:1549a9d422c:4f13 BRUSSELS (AP) — Strikes by public-sector employees across Belgium intensified Tuesday, with train and bus services disrupted along with schools, prisons and mail delivery as workers protested against the government's social and economic policies. Scandal-hit Volkswagen makes profit despite scandal Tue, 31 May 2016 09:08:55 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/europe/2016/05/31/EU-Germany-Earns-Volkswagen/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_europe_EU-Germany-Earns-Volkswagen c9d8ec1afb93944a:-881caa4:1549a9d422c:4f05 FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — German automaker Volkswagen saw its net profit fall 19 percent in the first three months of the year — but showed it can still make money even as it grapples with a costly scandal over cars rigged to cheat on diesel emissions tests. UN: 880 killed in Mediterranean shipwrecks over last week Tue, 31 May 2016 09:00:31 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/europe/2016/05/31/EU--Europe-Migrants/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_europe_EU--Europe-Migrants c9d8ec1afb93944a:-881caa4:1549a9d422c:4f7e GENEVA (AP) — Survivors' accounts now indicate the dangerous Mediterranean Sea crossing from Libya to Italy claimed at least 880 lives in the last week as unseaworthy, overcrowded smuggling boats capsized and sank under the weight of their human cargo, the U.N. refugee agency said Tuesday. AP PHOTOS: Spanish boxing coach, 84, vows to keep going Tue, 31 May 2016 08:14:07 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/europe/2016/05/31/EU--Spain-Elderly.Boxer-Photo.Gallery/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_europe_EU--Spain-Elderly.Boxer-Photo.Gallery c9d8ec1afb93944a:-881caa4:1549a9d422c:4fdd MADRID (AP) — At 84, Manolo del Rio is something of a legend in Spanish boxing, having spent more than 65 years training some of the country's best fighters and still pledging to keep on until he drops. Spain: Model convicted of killing Briton gets 15 1/2 years Tue, 31 May 2016 07:41:44 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/europe/2016/05/31/EU-Spain-Britain-Millionaire-Killed/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_europe_EU-Spain-Britain-Millionaire-Killed c9d8ec1afb93944a:-881caa4:1549a9d422c:4fa7 MADRID (AP) — A Spanish court sentenced a Slovakian model to 15 ½ years in prison after she was found guilty of murder for shooting her British millionaire ex-boyfriend at his home near Marbella two years ago. EU court adviser: Employers can ban Muslim headscarf Tue, 31 May 2016 07:33:48 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/europe/2016/05/31/EU--EU-Headscarf.Ban/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_europe_EU--EU-Headscarf.Ban c9d8ec1afb93944a:-881caa4:1549a9d422c:4fbb LUXEMBOURG (AP) — A senior adviser to the European Court of Justice says a European Union business may legitimately prohibit an employee from wearing a Muslim headscarf on the job, provided the ban is based on a general company rule prohibiting visible political or religious symbols in the workplace, and not on prejudice against a particular religion. France braces for more strikes, gas shortage continues Tue, 31 May 2016 07:21:20 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/europe/2016/05/31/EU--France-Strikes/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_europe_EU--France-Strikes c9d8ec1afb93944a:-881caa4:1549a9d422c:4fbc PARIS (AP) — France is bracing for new strikes this week and continues to face a gasoline shortage, with six out of height refineries blocked or partially disrupted by protests against a labor law. Libya: France announces $500 million upgrade for oil site Tue, 31 May 2016 07:06:12 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/europe/2016/05/31/EU--France-Libya-Oil/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_europe_EU--France-Libya-Oil c9d8ec1afb93944a:-881caa4:1549a9d422c:4fb2 PARIS (AP) — French company Technip has signed a preliminary $500 million deal to upgrade a key Libyan oil facility, along with Italy's Eni and Libya's state oil company. Russia highlights ties with China ahead of Putin's trip Tue, 31 May 2016 06:51:31 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/europe/2016/05/31/EU--Russia-China/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_europe_EU--Russia-China c9d8ec1afb93944a:-881caa4:1549a9d422c:4fa6 MOSCOW (AP) — Russia's foreign minister says President Vladimir Putin's planned trip to China will give powerful new impulse to ties between the two nations. EU court adviser: Sanctions on Russian firms legally valid Tue, 31 May 2016 06:27:12 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/europe/2016/05/31/EU--Europe-Rosneft/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_europe_EU--Europe-Rosneft c9d8ec1afb93944a:-881caa4:1549a9d422c:4f8f LUXEMBOURG (AP) — A senior adviser to the European Court of Justice says European Union economic sanctions imposed on Russian companies are valid in the main under the EU's common security and defense policy. Spain: Pakistani arrested for spreading extremist propaganda Tue, 31 May 2016 06:18:07 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/europe/2016/05/31/EU-Spain-Extremist-Arrest/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_europe_EU-Spain-Extremist-Arrest c9d8ec1afb93944a:-881caa4:1549a9d422c:4f7b MADRID (AP) — Spain's Interior Ministry says police have arrested a Pakistani man suspected of spreading Islamic extremist propaganda via social media networks. American charged with 4 murders on trial in Czech Republic Tue, 31 May 2016 05:17:22 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/europe/2016/05/31/EU--Czech-US-Murder.Suspect/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_europe_EU--Czech-US-Murder.Suspect c9d8ec1afb93944a:-881caa4:1549a9d422c:4f57 PRAGUE (AP) — An American man charged with murder over the killing of four of his relatives has gone on trial in the Czech Republic.