More features, more connected, more security, with access in more places - all at the touch of a finger. With XFINITY™ Home, you can stay connected to your home and family whether you're at home or away. Receive text and email alerts or access your system remotely to change settings or even view video clips of key events from any Internet-connected PC or smartphone. It's reassuring to know that your home and family are protected - whether you're there or not.

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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector

Monitors levels of CO gas in your home, and gives a warning before dangerous levels exist.

Remote Siren

This secondary siren can be placed anywhere in your home. In the event of an alarm, it will sound along with the touch screen controller's siren. It even has a light that illuminates during an alarm, providing both a visual indicator and emergency lighting.

WiFi Repeater

Extends WiFi coverage to create a stronger home WiFi network, for more reliable connections to the XFINITY Home touch screen controller and cameras.

Powerline Device

Creates a high-bandwidth ethernet connection that utilizes your home's electrical wiring and can be used to connect your touch screen controller and cameras to your router.

Answers to Common Questions


You must be an XFINITY Home customer to use the XFINITY Home App.

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The XFINITY Home App allows you to access a core set of security system functions using your smartphone device. This App contains only the essential functionality available through Web access:

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Managing Rules and Contacts

Set customizable rules through Web access. From the customer portal home page, click Rules Set Up in the Rules tab. Click on Add Rule to set a new rule.

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Manage contacts to receive SMS or email communications from your system through Web access. From the customer portal home page, click on Contacts for Rules in the Rules tab. Click Add Contact to add a new contact.

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Network Equipment and Wi-Fi

XFINITY Home uses an independent, private wireless network to communicate with the XFINITY Home devices in your home and does not access your personal wireless (Wi-Fi) network. The private network allows the XFINITY Home devices to maintain a high-level of integrity and security.

During installation, an additional piece of network equipment (router or gateway) will be installed to provide the dedicated network for XFINITY Home. Any routers or networks that you currently have installed in your home will not be affected by the XFINITY Home devices.