The New XFINITY Homepage

Connect to your XFINITY services like never before.

The new still delivers the news & info you've come to expect, but now you can access your entertainment and your account faster than ever. See what's new on your DVR or in your Watchlist. Check email, voicemail or even the latest TV trends. Your new homepage does it all—just sign in to get started.

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  • View your Comcast account.

    Sign in for a preview of your Comcast account. You'll see a service overview, access to your bill and other details.

  • Check email in seconds.

    Catch a quick preview of your inbox, including any new messages. You can easily launch into XFINITY® Connect right from there.

  • Find out what's trending on TV.

    See which programs are most popular on TV and discover which shows & movies are being recorded most.

  • Tune your TV online.

    Just click the TV networks to change the channels on your TV. Want the full TV Listings? There's a link to get you there right away.