Amber Holcomb’s Innovative Plan for ‘American Idol’

"American Idol": Amber Holcomb. (CR: Matthieu Young/FOX)

Amber Holcomb’s elimination on Thursday’s “American Idol” doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for the 19-year-old powerhouse singer. Acting, modeling, and winning Grammys are just some of the goals she has set out to achieve post-“Idol,” along with an innovative plan for the show to win back some of its slipping ratings.

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“I think they should have a season where they bring people back,” Amber proposed in a conference call with reporters. “You know what I’m saying? Not all of them but maybe pick one or two from each season and have them all come back and just battle it out.”

Who would she like to go up against? Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez were first in mind. Though there’s one former “Idol” she doesn’t expect will participate. “I guess Jennifer Hudson wouldn’t come back because she’s like a mega-star now,” Amber said.

Amber had some highs and some lows on the show, and never quite won over fans enough to stay out of the bottom week after week. She said the learning process was a struggle.

“My biggest challenge was probably just learning myself, and learning what I want to do and learning what I should do,” she said. “And words, too, to songs. That was kind of hard.”

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If there was one thing she could change about the show, she said it would be the themes. “That should be more negotiable, I feel personally.”

And example, she said, was this past week’s 2013 category, which limited the contestants to only a few months worth of songs. And choosing among them was always a challenge.

“I get inside my head when I pick a song,” Amber said. “I’m really indecisive. I’m like, ‘OK, what if I do this one or maybe I should have done this one?’”

Now that the show is over, the next challenge is figuring out how to get all her stuff home. During her “Idol” run, Amber had a bit of a shoe habit.

“In all my spare time, I went and bought shoes. I got so many pairs of shoes and I have shoes from wardrobe. Kree let me borrow her suitcase so that solves it.”

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